One the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Wake up looking like a Superstar with this hard-working night oil from Pestle and Mortar. This Irish brand has a focus of getting the best results with minimal effort which is a must-have for busy schedules! This retinol night oil sinks into the skin and leaves it super soft and looking renewed by morning – getting your beauty sleep has never been easier!


  • Helen Corbiere

    I need this in my life looking after 2 young children. Does it work miracles and also get them to sleep through the night!? 🙂

  • I would normally look to the East at this time of year for the Christmas Star but this year I’m looking South to the Cotswolds, where Sue Parkinson has Superstars. I can just can’t wait to experience how gorgeous these Pestel & Mortar night oils will make my skin feel and after the cold winds and snow I definitely need it.

  • Mrs Mary G Yendall

    I’d love to be a Sleeping Beauty, letting this gorgeous night oil do its work!

  • Alan Stevenson

    Yes please, count me in – I know someone who’d love to find this in their stocking this Christmas!

  • Will Spiers

    Great prize!

  • Caroline Davies

    My favourite and I know just the person who would enjoy this special gift

  • Did someone say beauty sleep…?

  • Zoe Johnson

    Oh sounds interesting! Need to try this one out

  • Caroline Pollard

    Would love to try this. I would even share it with my daughter who just had a little daughter 4 weeks ago.

  • lesleyHawkins

    Will I really wake up looking like a Superstar? Awesome !