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The sun is shining bright, which means it’s time to prepare to showcase some serious skin. We at Sue Parkinson have chosen a few of our favourite beauty products that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, soft and sun-kissed. Relaxing Shower Scrub by Cowshed Delicately exfoliate your skin with the fruity Cowshed Relaxing Shower Scrub. Boasting an exotic blend of Acai fruit particles, Eucalyptus and Lavender, this luxurious Shower Scrub will leave your skin soothed and smoothed ready for the day ahead. Moroccan Rose Body Scrub by REN Skincare Gently... Read More


In order: Limited Edition Molecule 01, Molecule 01, Molecule 02, Molecule 03, Limited Edition Escentric 01, Escentric 01, Escentric 02, Escentric 03 Escentric Molecules has an incredible presence all over the world. By looking at the extraordinary selection of bottles here, you may be thinking this must be a perfume, however you are wrong. Escentric Molecules is in fact a unisex pheromone enhancer, and at this moment in time there are 8 different varieties (listed above), which all react differently depending on you, the wearer. This unique reaction may or may not be smelt by you,... Read More

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Booked a last minute holiday? You’ve arrived at the right destination. We have all the essentials for you to look fabulous on the beach. With our huge selection of chic coverups from One Season, totally glamorous beach bags from Febronie Fouta and classic flip flips from Havaianas, you are sure to look nothing but incredible. For the finishing touches, choose from a wide range of colourful Hammamas towels, trusty nail files and beautifully scented Ortigia hand creams. Be beach ready with Sue Parkinson!


The sun is beginning to peep through the clouds, which can mean only one thing… those legs will have to come out! However, don’t panic, with our help we promise you’ll have the softest skin in town. We have chosen four fantastic skincare brands and products that will not only leave your skin looking and smelling wonderful, you will be beaming with confidence… REN SKINCARE The first step to glorious silky skin is to ex-foliate your whole body, and what better way to do this than using REN skincare’s Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body... Read More